Are you a Narcissist leader?

"Your ego can make you or break you" ..

This was one of my early lessons by my mentor in 1990 that he should have taken his own advice before he ruined his multi-million dollar MLM business which I was part off.

On my Forensic call this week, one narcissistic "leader" from the middle east with a group of 400,000 started publicly shaming his company he has been with for 5 years and its principles (venting) and the tone was purely self centered. He was expecting an agreement on my part but was he ever shocked with my response .. more on that later.

One of the positive attributes of MLM is the confidence boost it gives to it's participants. However sometimes the participant is not strong enough in digesting all the praise and the accolades, so instead of receive and pass on to others, instead the praise gets passed on to the ego and much like a balloon it inflates beyond its capacity and eventually blows up in their face. I describe this as " their ego grows faster than their income or knowledge" which is common in MLM.

Often the tell tell signs of this narcissistic symptom is when you hear the words " I did it" or " I made the company" instead of "we".

Back to the narcissistic leader earlier. After he trashed his company and it's principles and took all credit for their success I said the following;

For MLM to work you need all the following components.

- A stable company that has longevity

- Desirable and available products

- Great customer service

- Training systems

- Fair compensation plan that pays on time.

Question; which one of the above did you create and do daily?

His answer was some of the training. So even if he was the sole trainer in the company which is impossible to do with a team that big, this is one of the 5 components of success .. in other words, he was too comfortable and too self centered to even realize what and who was running his team and paying him.

So as field leaders our job is easy which is find people to place in the above platform. Of course many true field leaders do contribute to the training systems if there isn't one already which is important but one can never take credit for their MLM success because we play a small part in the success principles that makes up the opportunity vehicle we take for a run.

If we are good leaders we understand that it's not about how good we are that makes us rich, it's about having a system that inspires "the many" to be good and only than we make lots of money and this also throws out the " I " theory.

So I will end with a few of the most potent Forensic Networker theories.

" You don’t duplicate, systems duplicate"

So make sure that if there is an existing system, adapted it and once you master the system, flavour your attributes as " additional information" and not the replacement of the system.

Years ago IBM introduced a "1 year notebook" every time they hired a new hot shot executive. The notebook meant to master IBM first and place your ideas in the notebook for the first year before you can implement them. In MLM you don’t have to wait a year but the spirit of the IBM mandate is helpful in MLM also. In other words don't reinvent the wheel that is working well but you can add better tires on the existing wheel once you maximize its performance.

Ironically when I handle a situation with a narcissistic leader, I always receive bunch of thank you messages from their down line because no one respects an " I " culture no matter how good it is.

Note to self ..

I am proud of you for making the change years ago :) ( Yes I was there too)

Another important Forensic Networker philosophy is

" when confusion sets in, inactivity starts"

So make sure your mantra is fully in tune with the existing system and flavour your attributes as " additional information" ..

So back to the original advice from my mentor..

" Your ego can make you or break you" ..

I have done both but kept EVOLVING and got better. We are only as good as the company and our team so pass on some of the credit to others so your ego doesn’t get over inflated.

Truth is, ego is good and all achievers have an ego. The question is, is your ego CONTROLLED OR NOT. Controlled ego is the greatest source of motivation that keeps on giving but uncontrolled ego provides great amount of pain and frustration for you and everyone around you.

Stay Forensic




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