Be a Visionary

Let's face it .. nothing will change in physicality until it is changed in your mind. This means you have to see it first in your mind before it becomes a reality.

The word visionary is a prestige word but should it be? All it means is to be able to see the end result before you get there .. in other words " be able to see what is not there yet" ..

We can all do that and we all MUST do that if we want to reshape the direction of our life.

In 1999 I started a practice EVERY NIGHT when I get horizontal to go to sleep and the very last thing I think about is my demands from God of what I want for my life. Yes I used the word " demand" because

" life will not give you what you want, it will give you what you accept" The Forensic Networker

After all, GOD DEMANDS that we decide what we want (promise list) and also demands that we put energy towards it (action). If you meet God's demands than you must demand from God to manifest your targets as well since he is the only one that can do that. See, God loves clarity and conviction or he won't be interested.

Remember our job is to know what we want and put energy towards it daily. There is nothing more we can do because only God can facilitate our promise list.

This is why we need to become a "visionary" and create a promise list and everyday ATTACK that list without a thought of how it will manifest. THAT IS NOT YOUR JOB .. God will handle that.

So become a visionary .. see what will be the end game now ... put energy towards it daily with actions and your job is DONE.

I can tell you from experience that God will always deliver after you deliver yours. So here is what I have been practicing for 20+ years that has created dozens of major targets on my promise list and I am lending my secret to you to create your ultimate life.

Here is my nightly horizontal MO:

Step 1: Every night I share with God my top 4-5 main targets. Some are long term like "the perfect health" for me and my loved ones and some are what is the most important at this time like that next company sales target or that next Lamborghini etc .. ..

Step 2: I remind God nightly that I am pouring energy daily towards these targets ...

Step 3: I ask God to do his job and facilitate the targets by these specific dates ...

This is it .. 20+ years and dozens of achieved targets including multi-millions in earnings because God and I have a great partnership.

Eventually it becomes so automatic that no matter how tired you are you still want to go through this routine and sometimes fall asleep in the middle of it which is PERFECT because these last thoughts will circulate in your subconscious mind for the next 8 hours

This is my GUARANTEED system that I am sharing with you so start the practice now. To do that it all starts by being a visionary and seeing the end game of your promise list before you get there.

Last important note ...

Always attach a concrete date you want to achieve these targets or God may deliver them to you at age 99. So be CLEAR on what and when.

So go ahead... have some guts and become a visionary...

Stay Forensic.

Forensic mantra by Ramin Mesgarlou aka The Forensic Networker

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