Why MLM? If for whatever reason you still have this question you are NOT PAYING ATTENTION to your direction and environment. I am and always have been fully aware of the market and REAL AND AWARE of the realities of our future. I have been building MLM empires successfully and consistently for over 3 decades and the question people always ask is what keeps me motivated after so many years. You have your answer in the image below because these stats have been around for decades and keep getting worse every decade. Today boomers are behind by over quarter million for proper retirement, next decade this number will be 300k deficit or more due to inflation. Since inflation is a reality that we simply cannot cope with and defend against, we have NO CHOICE but to hedge inflation with MLM and secure our future and our next generation's future.

" Much like how precious metals are hedge against money, MLM is hedge against jobs"

The Forensic Networker

Do you GET IT ? if yes write below I GET IT and share the post.

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