Get your elephant on!

The perfect MLM story!

Forensic Mantra- Get your elephant on!

By Ramin Mesgarlou aka The Forensic Networker.

So you think you have it tough in MLM just because you don't like NOs (rejection). This beautiful video is long but clearly shows the MLM life and how to SUCCEED in it. The picture is fake so just watch the video. Lets test your patience and see if you can watch the whole video or you will just impatiently fast forward. I suggest you watch the struggle if you want to get a benefit of this magnificent and inspiring video.

The story and the lesson for you: - The baby elephant can't get out of the river (new team members who launch their MLM professions and don’t know how to get momentum)

- The rest of the strong elephant including mom and dad cheering him on at first ( sponsor and team members)

- Finally dad and mom tried to help - no results

- The baby and the parents are exhausted but won't give up

- They try different approaches and direction when they don't see results

- The exhaustion is fatigue like but they won't quit ..

- Other team members get involved to help "No Member Left behind"

- The baby is RELENTLESS - (never give up)

- With the help of team members and mom and dad and some new approaches and direction they finally get the baby out

- Victory at last and the rewards - a feast from mommy

This is your MLM journey ...

- never give up (baby and upline), - keep refining (different approaches and direction), - Ask for help, - Look for your sparks in your teams who are trying hard (baby elephant) and provide support - but it all starts with the relentless baby (team member) who won't quit :)

Perhaps this video inspires you the way it did for me .. I have been through this FIVE time (four times as a distributor) so I know how the relentless baby elephant felt in his struggle ...

So get your elephant on and ....


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