What is "easy", MLM OR JOBS ?

What is "easy", MLM OR JOBS ? Conversation with a friend .... So he said .. Ramin, you work too hard ...I just want to relax after work ...I like my life "easy" ..

I responded ... ..... "easy" ??

- You have to fight traffic 5 days a week as I cruise seaside ...

- You are dictated to work long hours where I choose too....

- You cannot even take some work time off even with doctors orders for your high blood pressure where I choose where and when to work ....

- You worry about your retirement ...I don't....

- You have to plan your ONE annual vacation in advance where I take them several times a year at will ...

And you like it "easy" ????

I guess my friend, you and I have different definitions of "easy" ...

The lesson here .. If I get this, you will too. What is your definition of "easy"?

The truth is, it's not easy .. you are just used to it. The 3 hour traffic to work and back, the LIFELONG credit card payments, having someone else set the sail for your life etc.

So it's not easy, you are used to it until eventually you don't even know there is an alternative choice to the JOB TYRANNY. We all start with jobs but the best of us won't end there. So now tell me friend, which is "easy"... MLM OR JOBS ? Choose well.

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