This Forensic mantra is brought to you by mommy duck and baby ducks ..

A friend sent me this video and I watched it 4 times. Every time I watched it, I was smiling and I was thinking of one person … YOU.

This video might as well be the blue print for MLM success so watch it a few times and to the end.

Key points to take away:

- Mommy leads the way (the company)

- There is always one front-runner that shows others it is possible (pioneers)

- Others struggle and it looks hopeless until a few more see success.

- The masses are in the middle struggling and there are always the ones that are last and seem hopeless.

- During all this time mommy is watching, calling, supporting, motivating.

- The path to the top is hard, painful and discouraging.

- The only thing these baby ducks are blessed with is that they don’t have a human brain to hold them back. They only know one way SUCCESS and no matter how many times they try and fail they keep trying and trying and trying and if one way doesn’t work they find another way and try and try and try some more.

The bruises from falling will not hold them back and with every fall they perfect their technique little bit more and finally SUCCESS. Just like humans, some are quick, some are medium and some are slow and there is always the one at the end but unlike humans these ducks don’t know failure and success is not a goal, it is the destination.

With all our abilities that god has given us, if you replaced these ducks with humans over 90% of them would never make it to the top of those stairs not because we can’t but because we give up and refuse to EVOLVE and get better. The ducks cheer and coach each other yet humans ridicule and try to hold us back from “their” unknown or due to envy.

But what happens when a human finds his/her DUCKNESS and refuse to lose? THEY WIN.

A few days back on my FB page I shared parts of a negative experience I had with a “SUNBLOCK” (Forensic term for negative people) when I first started my profession in MLM back in 1990.

I promised that the full story would come so here it is:

Back in 1990 at age 20 I started my part time MLM profession while I had a restaurant business. One of my early breaks (or at least I thought so at that time), I met a man who owned Sears carpet cleaning division of over 250 franchises. He gave me his list to contact his franchisees in Canada so I started. Three months into my new profession came my first convention in Calgary Alberta, which was 4 hours flight from my city. Even though I was in debt from the $2200 investment for the business, I was told NEVER TO MISS A CONVENTION so I borrowed more funds to go. I got there a few days early to call my ad leads and his list of franchisees in Calgary. They all declined politely but one franchisee and that was because we were playing phone tag. When we finally connected I started to tell him why I was calling and wanted to invite him to the big presentation the next night. This was his response. Keep in mind he was in his 50’s treating a 20 year old this way trying to build a business.

He said:

“You wasted my time with this garbage? Let me tell you son, quit this scam and go get a job for $9 an hour because you won’t make a dime in this so called business and he hung up”.

Being a world champion wrestler my initial thoughts was to show up to his work and break a body part or two or three but I managed to calm myself down but I KEPT HIS CONTACT INFO.

That year I made $28,000 part time, which was a serious middle class full time income in 1990. When I received my T4A (company issued total income document for taxes) I made sure that he received a detail letter (there was no internet back then) refreshing his memory of the whole exchange where he said I won’t make a dime and I should get a job making $9 an hour. As expected he never responded.

The next year (now full time in MLM), my T4A showed $92,000 so of course he got the same letter (making sure he doesn’t forget his words) and a copy of my T4A.

The following year I made $182,000 and he got the same package always reminding him of his words.

The next T4A showed $282,000 and he got the copy.

The next year T4 A showed $362,000 and of course he got that too but this time the mail came back. Guess what? HE WAS OUT OF BUSINESS – BANKRUPT. I should have been upset that he lost his business but I was more upset that he didn’t get to see my BIGGEST T4A …

I know ….. I know it’s not noble but I always correct SUNBLOCKS like him so when you run in to him he is corrected and won’t try to shatter our dreams. He could have declined politely like the other 3 and not crush a young man’s dream. That reaction could have taken me out completely and if I wasn’t a stubborn wrestler, I probably would have quit, after all I already had a “successful” restaurant business with my family.

So there you have it ..

Get your DUCKNESS on.

Keep doing it and do it some more and some more.

It will hurt but progress only comes with pain so like the little duckees who tried and tried and keep falling on their head but continued, keep at it. Watch the video several times and what you see is that when the ducks fall, I am sure it hurt them but they are not thinking maybe I should stop. They go another way and try again and again and again until they perfect their technique and eventually they all win and on their way. Another observation is TEAM WORK, they stuck together. There was plenty of quacking going on and I am sure that was a motivation chant from the mom and the team.

So how did you react the last time you felt the pain on a prospecting call? If you haven’t been hurt yet hang on its coming unless you are not doing anything,. The good old mantra of “more pain – more gain” applies here so get on the phone and quack away and when you fall (and you will) get up, don’t think about it and keep quacking. Stay close to your team, my5 and of course the company is always there for you.

So get your DUCKNESS ON ..lets GO.

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