1997 – Recently a friend who I have not seen in years send me this picture and it brought me back 18 years in an instant. I was 29 years old, full time MLMer for 8 years with already millions in earnings. One day I decided that I just wanted to getaway, just drive off and let my $135,000 (in 1995 this was equivalent of $250,000 now) Mercedes SL 500 convertible, European sports package, specially ordered, one in Canada to take me where it would. Made a call to my young lady and said we are going. She said where, I said we’ll see, she said I need to pack; I said we don’t need it. Only a light bag, the SL has a small trunk space so no room for luggage, she said how long, I said who knows, she said we need cloths, I said we will buy what we need and we got on our way.

Ten hours of soaking the gorgeous sun topless (car not us), we ended up on the ocean front coasts of Atlantic City and those days AC was a hopping destination and a serious competition to Vegas. That trip and those 10 days became one of the most memorable, PRICELESS experiences of my life. The picture you see was me at age 29, in full control of my life, sitting on rocks by the blue and probably saying.. Life is good.

Here I am almost 18 years later still in the same profession and still find myself often look at the sky and say “thanks to god, life is good”.

I wanted to share this because only MLM allows an average person like me to be able to start with no experience, grow, become a master and take full control of my time, my life and my happiness. MLM gave me the time and financial freedom before I was 30 and in less than 8 years I had a choice of retirement at 30 or keep building another multimillion-dollar empire.

How about you? Do you have access to life’s full menu or are you just content with the menu you have in front of you?

LET”S GET YOUR FREE WILLY ON whether it is that long 10 hour topless ride to your favorite destination with your favorite person or that Harley ride around the country. You can do that in the MLM/DS profession no matter who you are especially in GWT. The pleasurable feeling of “BEING ABLE TO” is a feeling that no one can describe no matter how well written the story. The peace, the comfort, the confidence, the pride that only MLM can provide for the average person like me.


Write down where you would go if you could just GET UP & GO. Close your eyes and experience the road, the air, the views, the pit stops, the over night hotel stays, the meals and finally the destination. I know you don’t get it right now, cannot even comprehend it but I am here to tell you that the feeling is so profound that one picture like the one I just received will bring back the whole experience 18 years later.

Stay Forensic & To The Billion.

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