“Life is not about achieving happiness, it’s about happily achieving”

The Forensic Networker.

Everyone has bad days where something or someone frustrates you. When that happens we find ways to comfort ourselves. Some like “comfort foods” with their favorite treat, some like “comfort activities” like shopping (ladies). Bad days are a rarity in my life not because it doesn’t happen but because not much is important enough to consume my energy and focus.

However I did have a set back a week ago when I had to walk away from the large 100,000 SF building that I had my heart set on to become our next GWT world headquarters after my offer was accepted. I won’t bore you with the reasons I had to walk away but it was a big set back because I put 6 months in to this building and it was my dream 8 figure castle for our company. If you remember I proudly FB the moment I was signing the offer to buy weeks back. But as I always say “everything happens for a reason so let nature take its course”.

So whether you achieve or have a set back, its always about “THE NEXT, THE NEXT , THE NEXT”. You can never stop regardless of the result, keep on the PROCESS and keep achieving. The building set back was a big one for me because it took so much of my resources to get it done and it got done and after the offer was accepted we found out secrets about the building that I could not overlook.

So after a short pity party (we all have them), I am on “THE NEXT” and looking at 6 more buildings tomorrow. The decision to walk away from something I had my heart set on was a frustrating one and I needed my “Comfort activity” which this time was a brand new 2015 McLaren 650S.

Now the purpose of this mantra is not to give you more excuses to eat more treats, or shop for more shoes that you don’t need (ladies) or go super car shopping. It’s about being “ABLE TO”. Its about having access to life’s FULL MENU and not the part you can afford that you are used to. Your FULL LIFE’S MENU might be different than mine. Maybe yours is not that $425,000 super car or being able to support 13 charities at one time. Its never about the things or options, its about “BEING ABLE TO” have access to life’s FULL MENU. Much like going to your dream fancy restaurant and just point on the dish based on your desire without considering price. Of course no matter what your financial status, always look at the wine prices unless you are a wine lover but that is another fun story for another day: ))

“Life is not about achieving happiness, it’s about happily achieving”

So go ahead and achieve the ultimate prize of having access to life’s FULL MENU so you will be in position of BEING ABLE TO.

Ramin Mesgarlou – aka The Forensic Networker

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