Your Business GPS - PART 1

The Forensic Networker - your business GPS - PART 1.

Long term success in Direct sales/MLM profession is more than simply being able to enrol people or sell products. We have all seen people launch their new MLM profession and flourish for a short while and disappear. Ever wonder why? if you have seen success and than see it dissipate the answer to why is in this all important chapter called The Forensic Upline. I will release one point at a time in this forum to give you the opportunity to think about each point and discuss it with your team. Enjoy and Stay Forensic.

Excerpts from The Forensic Up-line chapter part ;

“Most people simply don’t know how to lead when they are placed in a position of leadership”.

First lets identify the industry myth that once a distributor has enrolled a new member or customer that it’s the company’s sole responsibility to take over and provide all the client care – WRONG.

Essentially both you and the company have the same client care responsibilities, however the main question is, who is the primary care giver? When I was in the field, I went out of my way to make sure that I had the answers to almost any question that my team might ask at any time. I wanted to avoid my new distributors contacting the company as much as possible, why? Remember, the company has tens of thousands or in some cases millions of clients so although they are there to deal with important matters that are out of your control, they are not there to train your team on the basic operation or product information.

The reality is that you can provide a better one on one client care to your team than the company and by doing your part this allows the company to deal with important matters more quickly. So your job is to find clients and service them, protect your assets as much as you can, don’t leave it to the company to service your clients and assets when you can do it yourself faster.

Let me now share with you the very important skills, attributes and mindset that a Forensic Up-line possesses;

1- Stay a distributor and not a manager. Stay a soldier and not a person on company payroll. Your team is watching and will duplicate your MO and mindset regardless of their income level or how long they have been in. Take a nightly “personal inventory” before going to bed by asking yourself this question. “If all my distributors did what I did today, this week, this month what type of business would I have?” If the response is not positive you need to make some changes because the life blood of your organization is new blood”.

Start a discussion here on how point 1 has created much momentum in your team or lack of it has slowed your momentum. Remember what you do will duplicate or as I always say..

" the UP side to our business is that your team will do what you do. The DOWN side to our business is that your team will do what you do"

So your MO will determine the speed and the CULTURE of your team.

Discuss and share and ...

Stay Forensic. Ramin Mesgarlou - AKA The Forensic Networker.

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