Your Business GPS - PART 2

If you missed PART 1 of this all-important discussion, you need to scroll down and read the previous posts.

Excerpts from the Forensic Networker chapter - The Forensic Upline.

"2- Always be accessible by phone and be flexible to conduct and attend Tours and trainings with your team. As long as you are presenting to new candidates, you are a soldier on the field building your future, your income and your dreams. You should be worried if your phone stops ringing. If it is not ringing you either don’t have any business or you have lost all credibility with your leaders and your team."

The paragraph above boldly states that you cannot place STRICT TIMELINES on your team. Remember they are "Independent" and they will work the business according to their schedule. You need to make your best effort to accommodate their “reasonable” timelines. After all you benefit from their activities and their contacts. Without your team and their contacts, you can only rely on your own efforts and contacts and do all the work yourself so how great is it in MLM that others are investing their time and money and contacts to build their businesses which is YOUR business. Now this does not mean become a slave to your team, ABSOLUTELY NOT.

What it means is that during business hours you should do your best to be available most of the time at least on the phone. You cannot pitch the new prospect on Tour night that you will be there for them and when they launch their business as part of your team, now you have intense family and other commitments that prevent you from helping them. If in fact your competing commitments are that strict that you cannot even be available by phone, than you should tell the prospect that UP FRONT and if they still want to launch with you than that’s their prerogative.

Point is this, outside family and health emergencies and your regular job commitments, this business must be priority. If it is up to you, it will be to your team and that will duplicate in your organization. In all my years on the field as a soldier building large organizations, I have always been known to have the hardest working team in the company. Why? Because it STARTS WITH ME, and that will duplicate to your GEN 1 & 2 and that becomes CULTURE in your team. As Forensic always states, “your culture will determine your success or lack off, your speed or lack off, your team competency or lack off etc”.

Are you too busy for your team? Are your competing commitments always become priority over your team? The only way to know the answer for sure is to have that dialogue with your team and have them tell you candidly. Other “tell tell” signs are when you have a big team but no one is calling you as part of their my5 for support and advice nor are they even recognizing you as their my5.

The point is KEEP YOUR WORD, if you are too busy, tell your prospect that up front, if you are planning to take a family year off (funny I know but it happens), tell that to your prospects up front, “oh by the way prospect, after you launch your business with me, I will be MIA for xxx amount of time and my hours are restricted to xxx hours per day/week/month.

On serious note, its ok to be busy and still recruit, in fact this business is for PART TIME people. All you have to do is introduce your new LCs to your my5 and have them build a solid relationship with your new LC and that can be done with a THREE WAY CALL or a latte session if local. The beauty of MLM is that there are number of uplines in the my5 and ALL OF THEM must be utilized. What you don’t want (and the company doesn’t want) is your new LCs struggling because of your restrictive schedule and they are now lost and discouraged.

There is also a LEGAL angle to this matter. MLM laws dictate that you support your team or you are NOT ALLOWED to get paid on their efforts. This law is called the “supervisory role” and it is part of every policy and procedures of all legitimate companies. This law became in effect to prevent people jumping from company to company (in Forensic we call them Weekend Wonderers) and abandon their new recruits or they sit back and not support waiting for the income to come in. People invest their money because they believe in you and your encouraging promises on sign up night so you must support or you cannot get paid on their activities.

Take this topic and discuss, teach and make it a culture in your team.

The Forensic Mantra by Ramin Mesgarlou AKA The Forensic Networker:

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