Your Business GPS - PART 3

Excerpts from the Forensic Networker chapter - The Forensic Upline.

Part 3 - Be efficient: Work with the ones who WANT IT and not the ones who NEED IT. There are tons of NEED MORES in your team that will drain all your time and energy that should be invested in to WANT MORES who actually get things done. Some times we call these NEED MORES friends and family so we want to help them whole heartedly even if that means we drag them along with us. Remember you can lead thousands but you can only drag a few because they are time and energy intensive hence the old adage “gets off my back”.

Look for the sparks in your organization and when you find them pour gasoline all over them and set them on fire. Keep on pouring the gasoline until they become an inferno. How do you know who is a spark, They are VISIBLE. Often sparks are beyond your GEN 1 & 2 so look deep to find these sparks. Remember your personal team PERCEIVE THE BUSINESS THROUGH YOU so if you take a week to call your recruit after they launch their business then THAT IS THE PACE in that team to duplicate, a month to call –THAT IS THE PACE, next day than THAT IS THE PACE so the next 48 hours is key to establish the sense of urgency in your new recruit to get to work.

I always say that MLM IS MUCH EASIER TO RUN WITH THAN TO WALK WITH so hit the ground running. Fast start is not an issue for true PART TIME networkers but it is for SOMETIME networkers who consider themselves part time.

Take this topic and discuss, teach and make it a culture in your team. The Forensic Mantra by Ramin Mesgarlou AKA The Forensic Networker

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