40 get you 1 (PART TIME) and 100 get you 2-3 (FULL TIME)

These stats are from the Forensic Business Plan chapter of my book “The Forensic Networker”, that if you are “part time” you need to make 40 dialings and out of that 75% won’t be there and from the ones that are, 25% will see your proposal and out of that 50% will accept your proposal which is ONE LC.

Similarly if you are FULL TIME, from 100 dialings, 75 won’t be there, from the ones that are, 20 won’t even see your proposal and from the last 5 who do see your proposal, 2 or 3 will become LCs.

So why is this important? Because most of our work force still don’t have a list and think by talking to whoever whenever will get them success and it won’t. Simply put if you don’t have a LIST you will never be able to put forth steady efforts to create any kind of momentum for the reasons mentioned here. The LAW OF AVERAGES apply to everything including your business.

So since the answer to success is so simple why don’t most people do it? The answer to this question is not in any books that I have ever seen in my 25 years of studying the industry but I believe I found out through working with hundreds of thousands of students over the past 25 years why most people neglect to take this vital step which will quickly lead to their demise in their business. I will share that on my next Forensic Mantra post.

So until than, get out your Forensic books, stimulate your memories with the list building tools I provide there and SMILE – DIAL – SHARE on your path of 40 -`1 or 100 - 2-3.

The Forensic Networker – Ramin Mesgarlou

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