The Construction

Sometimes you have to slow down to speed up because the road to success is always under construction. What is the construction? Some time it’s the path but most of the time IT’S YOU. It’s your rollercoaster mindset. It’s your inconsistency.

Its working progress business education
. Its you getting consumed by life and abandoning your targets and business priorities. 
It's you struggling with your competing commitments, 
it's you allowing every "NO" to take you out, 
Its you not following a Forensic MO (method of operation) – remember you are either a Forensic Networker or a struggling MLM some timer. It is your team duplicating you (the above)

When you pave the "YOU" road, success miraculously appears. How do you pave the 'YOU' road? Becoming a mental warrior! Be coachable! Follow the system – remember you don’t duplicate, systems duplicate Never stop evolving – you stop - everything stops Your team will duplicate you (the above).

Do you feel lost? Do you feel discouraged? Guilt because you are not respecting your business and keeping your part of the bargain? Press the RESET button. Everyone will have to press reset every few months and get back on track so do it now by getting to your Forensic MO box and SMILE & DIAL

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