FORENSIC MANTRA brought to you by the Brazil Futball team

Brasil 2014: Germany 7 - Brasil 1 ……....WHATTTTTTT

By now you have all heard the catastrophe on the world cup field in Brasil. Whether you are laughing or weeping depends on whom you are cheering on, there is an important lesson here that I want to share with all of you. As you can see with my funny Opera poster below I am having fun with this but the truth is after my country was eliminated, I was routing for Brasil, they have always been my favorite team. I think everyone including the German chancellor scored a goal on the most unlikely team in the sport hence the Opera poster

This life lesson is brought to you by the Brasil Futball team: The embarrassing beat down by Germany clearly shows that winning is … Less about TALENT and more about MINDSET, Less about HOW, more about WHY, Less about QUANTITY, more about QUALITY.

Brasil is the last country in this sport to be the victim of such brutality as they are an iconic brand so what happened? Not to take anything away from Germany as they are and have always been a powerhouse in this game but lets face it they barely beat the all-new USA team 1-0 so the 7-1 score against the most dominant team in history is not fitting. The reality is, it was not Germany that handed over that beating to Brasil. It was Brasil that delivered this beating to Brasil. Germany merely was the team to facilitate the delivery.

This topic is not about the game of soccer/futball, it’s about the game of life. We all face decisions and challenges on a daily basis. The results we get depend on our MINDSET. Are we here to WIN or just go through it and see what happens? In the case of Brasil, they clearly were not ready and from my athletic point of view it was because they got away with close wins through out the tournament not trying very hard and got away with it. They brought the same mentality against a great team and got an awakening after they got crucified.

Every morning in my office I face some vital decisions and I don’t make decisions just to get that document off my desk, I make every decision based on winning that battle whatever that is. I work hard daily to operate at LEVEL 10 to maximize my chances to win. It’s hard to maintain that type of pace and mindset everyday when you first decide to, however after about three weeks of consistent and successful efforts, it becomes automatic or what is scientifically called THE STATE OF FLO.

How are you doing with your daily life decisions, business decisions, that next business call, follow up call, setting that next TARGET.

There is an old adage that “showing up is half the battle” but as we saw with Brasil its only half and the win is always determined in the other half that you are missing. HALF commitment keeps you busy, FULL commitment brings you success. Are you HALF-ING your GWT business? What type of results is that generating for you?

For the past 25 years I have been teaching to all my students this concept;

“If you treat your business like a business you will get business income, if you treat it like hobby you get a hobby income” The Forensic Networker core philosophy.

So are you in FULL commitment or HALF-ing it because when you are IN 100% you get to deliver the results you want or HALF - it and life will deliver to you the results you don’t want and sometimes that comes in the form of 7-1 beat down in front of your home fans.

Ramin Mesgarlou

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