Even if your MLM company has great products, there are rare times the candidates will say things that will make your blood boil.

When that happens simply say “ we are going to the billion & WE ARE GOING TO MISS YOU.

This is called the TAKE AWAY in negotiations and often stops any games some prospects are playing in their tracks. Of course this is not the first technique you will use as we are to deal with some legitimate concerns and questions first but if the game goes on for too long, you need to put a stop to it and this is a nice way to accomplish that.

“ we are going to the billion & WE ARE GOING TO MISS YOU” is how I turned a closed minded candidate to “please send me the introductory email today”. The FEAR OF LOSS overwhelmed any defenses he could put up because “this GWT deal is hard to pass up” as another candidate put two nights ago :)).

Ramin Mesgarlou – The Forensic Networker

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