1993 - One of my early teachers Larry Thompson who is MLM's first and only billion dollar producer once told me.. " Unsuccessful people give 6 hours of work for 8 hours of pay and successful people give 8 hours of work for 6 hours of pay". What he meant by that was the MINDSET of being the BEST that you could be and bring the MOST VALUE to whoever you work with to generate income. People like..

So simply wanting things cannot manifest your targets and promise list. You must absolutely "REFUSE TO LOSE" to be able to manifest what you want. The main reason why people struggle to achieving their targets is because WHAT THEY THINK IS DIFFERENT THAN WHAT THEY SAY.

For example; “I am going to become part of the 10 K a month club this year “ They say it; it even motivates them for a split second before the little Voice/thought in the back of the head places a dark fear over that target. This happens because deep down you don’t think it can happen to you or you don't deserve it or its even possible. So in this scenario your words contradict your thoughts and beliefs.

Here is the problem, nature is ENERGY, you thoughts are ENERGY, your words are SOUNDS and energy attracts energy and nothing else. So if you think "you can’t" even though you say "you can", you won’t. The article below further talks about this topic, enjoy.

Stay Forensic - Ramin Mesgarlou aka, The Forensic Networker

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