Forensic Post Tour

Forensic Post Tour

When a prospect sees your business Tour for the first time they are looking at three things:

1. What is the business? 2. Can they benefit from it? 3. How do you do the business?

Remember that prospects perceive the business through you and since most people at first lack the personal confidence, the post tour must be conducted carefully and strategically. The last thing you want is for your excited prospect to get cold feet because of a Sun block (negative prospect) in the room, below is the proper process that you need to flow:

1. Arrive with your prospect at least 30 minutes early to create LIKE & TRUST.

2. Introduce them to as many distributors as possible, short hello and welcome, don't discuss business.

3. Get a seat as close to the presenter as possible, avoid back seats in case there is a Sun block. This will set the right tone for other guests. Sunblock always at the back.

4. ALWAYS stay in the room with your prospects through the entire tour. Not only do prospects not want to be left alone, you are also setting a bad example for them.

5. Always try to arrange the presenter to invite you for a product or business testimonial when you have guests. Prospects are attracted to strength and not weakness.

6. Head nod and respond to questions that are asked by the presenter. Lots of energy!

7. Assess the room energy. After the tour if the whole room is full of high energy, complete the survey in the room with the other guests. If you have a sunblock, take him outside the room to a quite place to compete the survey.

8. When your prospect signs up welcome the loudly for others to hear. This will set the tone for other guests to follow. Always help each other out without disrupting their post tour process. Ask the distributors that are not busy to come by your table in post tour to make a 30 second teamwork impression for your prospect.

9. When leaving the tour make an effort to say good bye to other distributors. Again this shows your family and friendship environment to your prospect. Remember stats clearly show that the majority of the job workforce are not happy with their jobs so a great work environment is a major asset to the new prospect.

- Ramin Mesgarlou

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