You are either a struggling MLM Some-Timer or a thriving Forensic Networker?

My favourite saying is..

“You cannot be half pregnant - you either are or you are not”. The same is true in creating wealth, you are either working towards it or you are not. My life experience has shown me that as human beings we are evolving at all times either for the better or for the worse hence I run my personal and professional life with this personal concept of “If you are not getting better – you are getting worse, life does not sustain”.

It is important to really understand this concept because I find the masses to be on “sustain mode” hence the standard of living of the working people have decreased for the past 30 years.

LIFE DOES NOT SUSTAIN and if sometimes it seems that it is sustaining is because you are trying to get better but it is not but it is enough to sustain but if you try to sustain you will decline, GUARANTEED. So. Are you making attempts to get better in your business daily? If not it is 100% guaranteed that your personal abilities are sliding bit by bit with everyday that passes. So consciously make an afford to get better on every business call, every training, every Tour or 5 minute card overview, every communication with your team and uplines, every discipline in life, family and health. JUST KEEP PUSHING UP WORDS WHETHER IT IS MOVING UP OR NOT. In your business the most effective way to keep getting better is the Forensic MO box. Without it most will slide and be inconsistent. So for some of you its time to DUST OFF the MO box and re-organize the Candidate info sheets and SMILE & DIAL. So let me ask this question again! “Are you are a struggling MLM some-timer or a thriving Forensic networker?” Either way you know why so “Stay Forensic”.

Ramin Mesgarlou - The Forensic Networker

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