Winning the Day to Day Battles

I agree to it’s content and as athletes we know this very well. One of my all time favorite poems is .. " The victories of life don't always go to the FASTEST or the STRONGEST as sometimes the person who wins, is the person WHO THINKS HE CAN" I love this poem and I am the living proof of its accuracy. I was not the most skilled, the strongest, the most equipped etc etc etc but my accomplishments in athletics or even business is because I always believe if someone else has done it, than it is humanly possible so I can do it as well. All I need to do is to find out what they did and pour efforts all over it and do not stop or evolve until I get similar results. Going back a few years to my competition days, at the world championship tournament in Washington, DC, my team Canada teammates always asked me "Ramin don't you get nervous before combat?” They asked this question because I was the captain of the team and I was always ready to perform no matter who my opponent was. My response was .. " I get nervous like anyone else but its CONTROLLED and it does not hamper my abilities to perform to do what I need to do round by round. FEAR is handled in two ways; 1- Get scared and run away from it 2- Get desperate and attack it and neutralize it The result you have received in your life thus far could have been 100% different based on which decision you took on the above two reactions in your day-to-day life decisions and fears.

I had a theory that helped me control my nerves and emotions and even served as a motivator to get in the center of the mat and attack my opponent. My theory was.. " When I get in front of my opponent, I never see a face because looking at your fear directly may psych you out and hamper your decisions and ability to perform. I saw a structure standing in front of me and when the whistle goes, I will attack and attack till that structure was no longer standing" Point is this, its mostly MENTAL and partly skill hence I call it become a MENTAL WARRIOR and I have been teaching this for over 25 years to whoever that would listen. Who is your opponent in your Direct Sales business? - Your out of control NERVES to make that next business call - Your roller coaster MINDSET that is consumed by pity parties. - Your fractured discipline because you don't have a clear PROMISE LIST (not a goal list) - Your divided support system and surroundings (SUNBLOCKS) - You’re over powering "competing commitments" that always want you to be something else other than Staying Forensic and build your business. (Not being able to PRIORITIZE) As you can see all the obstacles are mental so a MENTAL WARRIOR will look at the above and attacks it daily. The best attack weapon against the above opponents is the Forensic MO box and the Forensic System because it guides you daily and forensically what you need to do to win the daily battles and if you have days that you lose those battles, it gives you tools to get back on track and win the next ones.

Stay Forensic.

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