The Simple Forensic Approach

Forensic Mantra by The Forensic Networker The simple Forensic approach " ............ (name), I just launched a business and I am revved up about promoting it. When is a good time so I can run it by you?" It’s that simple, MAKE THE APPOINTMENT, you don't have to get fancy to get the appointment. GETTING APPOINTMENTS ARE EASY, doing stands up SOCIAL TOURS ARE TOUGH. So don't make the amateur mistake and make life tough on yourself, BITE YOUR TONGUE TILL IT BLEEDS and simply make the appointment even though your prospect will try hard to have you do make the VITAL MISTAKE. Your friends and family may love you but you don't pay their bills. This is a VISUAL business, talk is cheap, and FACTS ARE DOCUMENTED so to socialize the Tour you will find no one you know is interested in your business. Data is work and depressing, Visuals are fun & exciting (Your company’s intro pack with pictures/videos). Would you like to watch the latest movie or hear it? Same is true with your prospects. Ramin Mesgarlou - The Forensic Networker

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