Forensic commentary " I asked life for a penny and life wouldn't give me anymore"

Last week I was in Ottawa and stopped by the dealership that I used to purchase all my cars from when I lived there. When they saw me they got excited because myself, Reza (my brother), and my circle have purchased a couple of million dollars in cars from them over the past decade. They immediately brought me to the back and showed me this specially ordered convertible/supercharged/RS/specially ordered carbon fiber body/specially orders Chrome front valance.... Jag that was custom ordered by another client and they thought I would love it since I love "topless" cars. The price tag for this car was $250,000, which is extremely high even for a one of a kind Jaguar. I was about to question why and he removed the cover and it was all clear.. :)))

Perhaps LV has a spy cam in my shareholder meetings and heard my future plans for FERI :)) The point is while most never reach their full potential to explore life's menu, small percentage go beyond what is available on the menu and create their own exclusive life menu. The only difference between the two is one word "DESIRE". So remember this quote.. " I asked life for a penny and life wouldn't give me anymore' So if you find yourself saying things like "I don’t need much to be happy or I just want...”

Be careful what you ask for because you might just get it. Ramin Mesgarlou - The Forensic Networker

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