Who is Ramin Mesgarlou?


Founder and Creator of
Forensic Networker® and the Forensic Advanced Marketing Experience (FAME)




Ramin Mesgarlou has spent more than half of his life as a high performing direct seller. Ramin started his Direct Sales profession in1990 at age 20 and spent the next 14 years building his home business empires. Ramin explains that building multi-million dollar empires is nice but what he is really proud of is the fact that for 12 of those 14 years he spent in the field working as a full time high performing and high earning distributor.

Ramin's success came from the basic principle that direct sales is just like any other business requiring training, discipline and commitment.

Rated as one of the world’s top 3 master trainers and a mentor to thousands, he believes that “As trainers we should not focus on the potential millions that can be earned in direct sales, our focus should be to help as many people as possible to earn a full time living from home. I learned very early in life that

“you help enough people get what they want, you will receive what you want”

The ultimate focus and target of the Forensic Networker Program is to help people escape from the 9 – 5 Job tyranny.

“In 1990 my teachers told me to work hard for 5 years and take the next 50 years off, I thought that was a great deal and took that “promise” to heart. Unfortunately it did not work out that way and every time I built my empire it was taken away from me by a company's change of compensation plan, ownership change or just closure”.

     Undeterred by such setbacks, and perhaps motivated by them, in 2000 Ramin wrote two of the industry's most important and advanced training manuals.  “The Psychology of sales”  and “The Independent Home Business Owners work book” in which he revealed all his methods and secrets to his wealth building success. “When I first wrote the manuals I was convinced that it was too advanced for the average person and therefore should not be shared with my part time distributors. In fact from 100,000 + members in my teams I only allowed a few dozen in my leadership groups to receive this advanced training.”

In 2007 Ramin combined the two manuals into one comprehensive training course called “The Forensic Networker®”.  In 2008 he finally decided to share his unique and hard nose approach to building a successful home based business with all industry participants who were endeavoring to turn to direct sales as their final full time profession.


“The industry does not need yet another MLM training system, but, as Ramin explains what the industry does needs is hard core BUSINESS training which is the core of the Forensic Networker®.”


“Network Marketing, the greatest opportunity in history of the world, has become a slaughter house leaving millions of casualties behind through no fault of their own and so many years after I wrote the manuals I finally realized that the information in Forensic was too important and valuable to keep away from our work force.”


“Most of our work force is not highly sophisticated when it comes to running a business because they never have operated a business before. Teaching them how to recruit better or close better without teaching them the basics of running a business is like teaching a person who doesn't know how to drive the advanced techniques of how to win races. Forensic is the solid foundation that is absolutely necessary to succeed in Direct Sales”


However, as Ramin so emphatically points out, the Forensic Networker® program is not for the lighthearted “some-timer” (see The Eight Categories Of Distributorship). It is not like your status-quo MLM 101 training.  Forensic is the industry's first FULL –TIME /SERIOUS PART TIME business plan for those who seek relief from their jobs or traditional businesses within 18- 24 months. 

Today Ramin serves as CEO and Founder of the company he founded in 2005 and by utilizing the Forensic Networker® advanced systems his company has doubled in size year after year and expanded to over 80 countries in the first 8 years. People who know Ramin know him as the most serious direct seller in the world. His assessment of the industry and its work force over the past 20 years is vital in understanding the root of the problems in Direct Sales.  However be advised that this master trainer doesn't sugar coat anything, and to understand Ramin's hard nose and blunt approach to teaching first you must understand his background in two different platforms – athletics and business.


Athletics history:


As a champion athlete, Ramin won 126 medals, which included national and international gold medals starting at age 13.


“My sport was not a team sport, it was man to man combat so “to be it was up to me”, you either conquered your opponent or he conquered you”.


Ramin's attributes his Direct Selling business triumphs to that winning attitude and the discipline he learned as an athlete. 

Business history:


Today Ramin is recognized as Canada's foremost Direct Selling guru and one of the industry's most successful and respected master trainers. Amongst other companies, Ramin is the Founder and CEO of Forensic Advanced Marketing Experience (FAME) and the author of the book Forensic Networker® which is the most advanced FULLTIME and SERIOUS PART TIME university in the MLM and Direct Sales industry.


Ramin’s life philosophy is “Life does not sustain, if you are not getting better – you are getting worse” and that culture is always evident in Ramin's businesses.


In 2009 he was featured and interviewed in Networking Times magazine as Master Networker with a 6 page interview and received an award for his contribution to the Direct Sales industry.


In 2010, Business For Home (www.businessforhome.org) rated Ramin as one of the top trainers in the world and top three-industry experts in distributor compensation plans. 


In 2011 Ramin was features in scores of highly regarded magazines including cover feature on Preferred magazine, Canadian Business Journal, Viva International, Canadian Jewelers magazine and many more publications and radio programs. Ramin

is one of the very few Canadian entrepreneurs that have been featured on the cover of The American Business Journal.


Ramin's success comes from his unique views on how to build a Direct Sales empire.


                                                                “Your team culture determines your success or failure”.


The major pillars of our success culture are twofold.

  1. Focus on building a company as a whole and not just your team.  This means you provide support, training and care to everyone who “wants” it regardless of whose team they are in.

  2. Don’t join the MLM industry as if it's a “social club”. Accept MLM as your part time or full time “profession/career”. There is a major difference between the two. If you “join” an MLM company you don't need to train, don't need to work hard, and you don't need to be good at what you do.  But when you accept MLM as a “profession or career”, no one wants to be considered lousy at their profession and you will take all the necessary action to insure you understand your new profession and become good at it”.


Ramin's message to direct sellers around the world is simple;


“you are either a struggling  MLM some-timer or a thriving Forensic networker so “Stay Forensic”.

 Ramin has been featured and interviewed on scores of magazines, radio shows and TV shows including the Brian Tracy TV show.


He has been featured on FOX, MSNBC, Newsweek, ABC, CBS, Yahoo finance and others for his cutting edge expertise in the Direct selling and MLM industry.